Clintonville Outfitters Kayak Fishing Team
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2018 Kayak Fishing Team

Cody Hainley
 "Back in my early high school days I got the itch to go fish so I went into the garage and found a old rod and reel and some really old soft plastics and went over to the lake. Shortly after I started doing this I fell in love with fishing and I also found out that most of my friends were into fishing. So basically every day after school we went to the lake and during the summer time we spent a lot of late nights out catfishing.
  Fast forward to 2014 my last year of high school (the good ole days) I....READ MORE started working full time. All that meant for me was more money for fishing gear. So now I’m fishing every day after work and it was at this point I was starting it kinda get bored of catfishing so I started heading out to local ponds in prospect Pennsylvania and I got hooked on bass fishing. I ended up changing all of my gear out from catfishing gear to bass fishing gear.
  In 2015 I moved back to Ohio from Pennsylvania and decided I wanted to look into getting a boat. After looking for a long time I decided to get a canoe. I got one of them sweet square back canoes and put a trolling motor on it and rocked that thing all over local lakes. So after a year of doing that I wanted to get into tournaments and this is where things get cool. I sold the canoe to a guy that wanted to get his son into fishing. After I said goodbye to my fist boat I started the hunt for a kayak not knowing what brand I wanted so I did loads of research and found out that I wanted a Jackson Kayak.
  After I found a Jackson on Craigslist I made the deal and bought a 2015 jackson coosa hd and man let me tell you I love this kayak I got it home and started watching videos on them and things I wanted to do to it. So my first mod was a lever lock anchor trolly made by yakattack and now it’s fully decked out with a depth finder and more yakattack gear.
  Now it has been almost 4years and I’m still in love with kayak fishing. I think about it 24/7 and I am lucky enough to have been put on the clintonville outfitters fishing team."
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