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We are very excited to be the first gear shop in town to offer a full time consignment area!  

We will consign the following items:

Sleeping Bags
Sleeping Pads
Cookware and Stoves
Gently used clothing and footwear
Kayaks & Accessories

If you have something that you would like to consign not listed above, please call the shop.

How this works:

When you come in with your items, we will look it over, discuss with you what we feel the item is worth at retail and then sign some paperwork.  We will display the item for sale for no less than 60 days, and no more than 180 days.  Should you wish to work out a specific time frame for sale, we will include that in our contract.  We will discount the item 10% every 30 days in order to find the right price for the market and to get your item sold.  Should you wish not to have your item discounted, we will include that in the contract, and the contract length cannot be longer than 90 days.  

Frequently Asked ?'s
     A full copy of our consignment agreement can be found at the bottom of this page.
1. What do you buy?
As a consignment store, we do not BUY any items. We agree to display your item in our shop and in return we collect a commission when it sells. You will receive the rest of the profit. This differs from pawn or resale shops, which buy your item outright. With consignment, since we don't invest our own money to purchase your item and therefore don't rely on a price markup, you are usually able to make more of a profit. We will take gently used clothing and footwear, but the decision is up to our staff whether to put it in our shop.
2. How much do I get?
Our commission can vary depending on the value of an item. Typically, it is a 50/50 split for items less than $20.00. However we keep only a 35% commission for items over $20.00. Additionally, should you choose to turn your portion of the sale into store credit, you will be given an extra 10% of the sale applied to that credit.  Please see our consignment agreement at the bottom of this page for details.
3. After my item sells, when can I get my money?
We will have a check available for items sold each Monday.  Checks not picked up within one week will be mailed (minus the stamp cost).  We will notify you when your item sells.  
4. If my item doesn't sell, what happens?
Most items do sell, but sometimes the right match for your item just can't be found. We have regularly scheduled markdowns and a donation procedure. You can pick up your unsold items at any time and no fee is charged. Please see our consignment agreement below for details.
                  Still have a question? Give us a call at 614-447-8902 during business hours and 
                                         we will be happy to help you!

Here is a copy of our current Consignment Agreement

Clintonville Outfitters

Consignment Agreement


Effective Date             ____/____/______

Between                      Clintonville Outfitters, further referred to as “[Seller]”,

                                  an Ohio LLC,

Located at                   2864 North High St

                                    Columbus OH 43202  

And                              ______________________, further referred to as “[Consignee]”

                                  an individual,

Located at                   ________________________________________


Both parties agree to the following terms:

The Seller agrees to place on display the mutually agreed upon item or items in a prominent area that is of his / her place of business.

The Seller is entitled to retain _____% of the purchase price of each sale for such display.  Seller can choose to add an additional 10% of the purchase price if they take their portion in a Clintonville Outfitters Gift Card. 

The Seller shall submit a check for the full amount of the purchase price, less the previously mentioned agreed upon % to the Consignee within ____ business days of receipt of the sale.

The Seller agrees to obtain the price set by the consignee for each item sold, and will accept nothing less than the purchase price for the consigned merchandise unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, and signed off by both parties.

The Seller has proven to the Consignee that he / she maintains insurance for any damage or theft that may occur to items left with the Seller. While the consigned items are in the possession of the Seller those items will be covered under the Seller’s insurance policy.

The Consignee agrees to leave merchandise with the Seller for a minimum of 60 Days.

The Consignee further agrees to present only a high quality product to the Seller, and also agrees to replace any item that is flawed and or damaged by the Consignee during manufacturing.

All merchandise that is not sold at the end of the consignment timeframe will be evaluated by both the Seller and Consignee. If the Consignee decides to remove their merchandise, the Consignee takes responsibility for any delivery costs that may result for such removal. All marketing merchandise such as brochures, pamphlets, displays, etcetera will be removed at the time the items are removed from the Seller’s store, unless otherwise mutually agreed upon by both the Seller and Consignee.

To help make sure that your item sells, we will discount the item 10% every 30 days.  Should you not wish this to happen, the maximum length of consignment will be 90 days.  Please initial here____ if you wish to NOT have your item discounted while displayed for sale. 

The Seller and Consignee do hereby agree to the terms set forth above by their signatures found below.

Asking Price: _________________

Min. Acceptable Price: ______________________

Return to seller date: ______________________

Applicable Law


This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of Ohio in Franklin County and any applicable Federal Law.



__________________________________________________________                         Date____________  

Signature of Consignee




Signature of Seller